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Retreat is a pivotal occasion for Nagarathars across the world to gather and celebrate our proud legacy. It also serves as an excellent platform for Nagarathars of all age groups to network. With more than 1000 people expected to attend and close to 100 local families volunteering their time to conduct the event, we look to our sponsors and benefactors for help with part of the finances. Money collected in excess of our expenses will go towards the NSNA's charitable causes such as education, marriage or humanitarian assistance. We humbly solicit your contribution towards this worthy cause.

Please review the 4 sponsorship packages below. You can select the package when you Register Online. Payment details will be sent to you as part of your registration acknowledgement email. If you are unable to attend the event, but like to provide financial support, please contact Retreat team at retreat.registration@achi.org. Thank you.

Sponsorship packages

*(USA Tax Payers Only) Approximate Tax deduction is applicable only to Nagarathars in USA. Also note that anyone purchasing sponsorship packages, a portion of the payment would be considered as a non-tax deductible service charge for the services rendered. Only the remaining amount can be considered for tax purposes. Service charge for Silver package is $600 and for other packages it is $700 per family registered. In addition, there is a service charge of $600 towards hotel/food for each additional room requested per family registration (up to the maximum number of rooms allowed in a package). So for tax purposes amounts are as follows. Below table and above description is approximate Tax amounts  

Family/Package Kanakabhisegam (Platinum) Package Sadhabisegam (Diamond) Package Santhi (Gold) Package Kalyanam (Silver) Package
Family Registration $9,300 $4,300 $2,300 $900
Registration for 2 families $8,700 $3,700 $1,700 N/A
Registration for 3 families $8,100 $3,100 N/A N/A
Registration for 4 families $7,500 N/A N/A N/A

Cancellation Policy

The retreat registration can be cancelled for a full refund before April 15th, 2017. For cancellations after April 15th, 2017, the NSNA will withhold $400/- and refund the balance. The above $400 hold back is purely a contingency fee to protect NSNA against significant financial loss and could be refunded back to you post the completion and full accounting of retreat 2017.

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