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Welcome to the land of Champs!

NSNA New England Welcomes you to Retreat 2015. Register now to avail the early registration benefits. Come and join the party!

Registration is Open

Retreat Registration

NSNA (Nagarathar Sangam of North America) is excited to open the registration for NSNA Retreat 2015

Registration is Open

Sponsorship Packages Youth retreat

NSNA (Nagarathar Sangam of North America)  is excited to present a number of dynamic and exciting activities for all the youth at the NSNA Retreat 2015.

  • Welcoming all Youth to experience Boston! Known for it's style, sophistication, and historic New England charm
  • Socialize with fellow Nagarathars at our Kodai Thiruvizha, meet and network with 100+ youth
  • Forums and discussions tailored to all ages.
  • Plan ahead! The youth excursion will be on Friday morning (July 3rd, 2015)


Introducing the NSNA Retreat 2015 Logo
NSNA Retreat 2015
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