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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first Northwest edition of NANAL. It gives us immense joy in presenting this issue to all of you. We expect readers of all ages and categories to enjoy this issue and have something in it for them. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and the most relevant content applicable in today’s Nagarathar world, delivered by individuals with high integrity, ethics, and commitment.

We would first like to thank all NSNA members, in entrusting the Northwest region to lead NSNA for 2016-2017. NANAL is committed to NSNA’s vision of Innovation, Information Transparency, and Interconnectedness. We intend to continue working on subsequent editions with the same enthusiasm and energy we possess as a team today.

This edition features the theme, “Exploring Northwest” and “Humanity amongst Nagarathars”. Highlighting the theme, we have several articles written by the kids, youth and individuals on these topics. We are sure this will give you a glimpse of the great Northwest and the talent here.

NANAL Team wishes you and your family a prosperous New Year lled with light, delight, health and happiness in all your endeavors. Enjoy the Pillayar Nonbu event in your region, con-necting with our Nagarathars. Meanwhile, we are going to work ongetting out our next NANAL issue to you, see you again after the festive seasons.

Please provide us feedback on which article you enjoyed the mostand what you would like to see covered in future editions. Just send us an email to /

Best Wishes!
The NANAL Team
Subramaniyam Sathappan [Chair] & Priya Ramanathan [Co-Chair]

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