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Nagarathar NRI (NANRI) Parents Association Formed

The parents of many NRI Nagarathars have formed an association called NANRI Parents Association in Chennai, India. With much of their family in foreign countries, they can now look to this association for social and emotional support and also as a way for them to contribute back to society in the form of charitable activities. This association also endeavors to preserve Nagarathar culture & heritage and also help NRI children during their visit to India.



"Letter to Editor"

We are the future"

Valli SevuganThe mean age of Northwest Nagarathar kids is 10. They have shown so much enthusiasm in our past few Nagarathar events that we have compelling reason to believe that they really want more involvement in our community.

From our Readers

It has been a pleasure working with the Texas team and appreciate all the hard-work that went into the successive NANALs. If it is hard for us as regional reps, I can imagine how much difficult it is to pull each NANAL together!! KUDOS to the entire team and the Leadership!!

Chellappan, Philly NSNA/Regional Rep.

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