2010 Detroit Pillayar Nonbu

The 2010 Pillayar Nonbu function for the Detroit region was held on Dec 11, at the St.Paul United Methodist Church hall in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The event was attended by almost 130 adults and children and was well received.

The event started around 5.15 PM with kids singing Bhajan songs followed by the adults. Detroit kids sang very well during the function. Around 6 PM family introductions and elai eduthal took place and elders, Thiru. Andiappan , Thiru. Palaniappan, Thiru. Nagappan and Thiru. Murugappan gave away the elais. Yelam was conducted by Nagappan Sekappan, Meenakshi Sundaram and Kannan Ramaiah and a good amount was raised. All the achis prepared a delicous chettinad style dinner and the food was served. Mrs and Mr Chettiar achi game was conducted and the winners were Subbu and Viji. Annam Vivek co-ordinated the kids games and kept them entertained with variety of games. Kids cultural programs were a big attraction with many nagarathar kids portraying their self talents in the form of songs, dance and playing musical instruments. There were 3 adult cultural events, a skit co-ordinated by Murugappan called Chettiyin payanangal mudivathillai, nagarathar couples dance organised by Visa Meenakshisundaram and a skit cum comedy musical dance organised by Dr.Palaniappan. Finally Nachu Alagappan hosted the adults thanga vettai game show and the program ended. Everyone had a good time.

The organizers Murugappan and Devimeenal would like to thank everyone for participating and helping out to make the event an enjoyable one.


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