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Nagarathars are known for charitable contributions and NSNA has been playing a significant role over the years in helping less fortunate Nagarathars. Nagarathars in North America have contributed generously for the upliftment of our community. NSNA would like to thank all the sponsors and request your continued support and generous contributions towards a noble cause of helping our Nagarathar community for their education, marriage, health and humanitarian needs.

Awareness about the assistance offered by NSNA is so much that NSNA receives significant number of applications for Educational and Marriage assistance every year. NSNA committee has introduced some new funds where you can contribute even smaller amounts. An endowment fund is a life long fund that provides assistance from the yearly interest income whereas a one time donation is expensed for the specific need.

You may contribute to a general pool of funds or towards a specific philanthropic project. Here are some schemes that we have put together.


Double Your Donation

You can double your donations by leveraging your employer's company matching program. For details see: Double Donations - Company Matching page.

Send Donations

Bank Check (Preferred Option)

Bank check based donations is preferred to avoid any processing fees and to ensure that 100% of your contributions go towards the service projects.

  • Payable To:
    • NSNA
  • Address
    • NSNA
    • 4804 NW Bethany Blvd Ste I-2
    • Portland, OR 97229, USA

To avoid any processing fees, we prefer bank check based donations. But as an alternate option and for donor convenience, Paypal based donation is also available. Use the Donate button below for making a donation using Paypal. If you don't have a Paypal account, note that this option allows you make paypments using a major credit card. 

Please click here to contact the treasurers for any questions.




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